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The Truly Nolen Pest Control program for treating office buildings is based on protecting against a variety of pests. Our goal is to ensure you have the ability to provide a pest-free environment to your employees, tenants, and guests.


The inspection for an office building begins with an interview where we can gather information and set service expectations. Office buildings often have different expectations with service protocols; some provide interior service for their tenants and some do not. After we gather the information required to provide your scope of service, we will begin the inspection.

During the inspection, we will conduct a thorough review of all expected areas; normally these include main offices, break areas, restrooms, common areas, and the exterior.


The service professional will follow the specific scope of service created from the inspection. This allows the service professional to know which areas to focus on. 

We will treat all designated areas proactively by applying materials or placing monitors in safe and discreet locations. With an in-depth interior monitoring program and a thorough exterior treatment, we will achieve the goals we discussed during the inspection and create a pest-controlled environment. Upon completion of the service, the service professional will communicate any findings and treatment to the designated point of contact.

Office Buildings and Properties

Office buildings face many different kinds of pest issues. Check out the pictures below to see how we handle them.

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