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Truly Nolen’s commercial hospitality programs operate with the understanding that we are not only treating our customer but our customer’s customer. We will create a unique service program for your hotel, resort, extended stay, vacation rental, or all-inclusive amusement venue. No matter which category your hospitality business falls into, we can create a program that will exceed your expectations and the expectations of your guests.


To provide the best service, the Truly Nolen commercial team will conduct a thorough inspection of your property. Our goal is to educate ourselves on the intricate and unique operations of your business to provide you with the best possible treatment program. 

Our inspectors will conduct a thorough facility assessment at which time they will walk the perimeter of your property to identify potential areas of concern. They will inspect operation rooms, which may consist of laundry rooms, janitorial workplaces, or on-site workshops. If there are kitchens, kitchenettes, or bars on-site, we will be conducting a thorough inspection, the same as any commercial kitchen. The inspector will also visit all on-site offices to ensure the staff has a pest-free work environment. We will then begin inspecting multiple guest rooms to assess potential conditions conducive to pest activity, inspect any “problem rooms”, and identify all different shapes and sizes of your rooms. The inspector will also request to see any on-site logbook to gauge a frequency of long-lasting pest concerns. In the event of the property being a resort or of an amusement theme, we will also be inspecting all the ancillaries on the property to ensure we provide you with a complete and thorough pest-control program.


The first priority of treatment is for the technician to conduct an inspection before every service; this will include reviewing your site’s logbook and checking in with on-duty management, operation management, and/or front desk staff. After the check-in, your technician will begin his treatment, based upon the program created for your location, following Truly Nolen training for hospitality. 

The service professional will be conducting treatments in all designated areas with the understanding of discretion and safety while proactively applying materials. We will be placing materials and monitors in discreet out of sight and out of reach areas from guests. Our goal is to keep your facility proactively treated, or eliminate pest problems quickly and safely to allow you to keep your facility at full capacity.

Hospitality Infestation/Inspection Photos

Pest are a common problem in the hospitality industry. Rodents, bed bugs and roaches are the most common hotel pests.

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