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Every building material has an insulation value called an “R-value.” An object’s R-value measures how well that object resists the transfer of heat. Simply put, it rates how effective a material is at stopping warm air from passing through it. Insulation materials start at around R-2/inch and range up to R-7/inch, with higher values being better or requiring less material to stop the heat transfer.

The R-value of Truly Insulation Plus is rated as a 3.7, making it a higher R-value than many other types of insulation materials. Additionally, TIP offers pest protection, a secondary barrier against termites and it leaves you with the ability to treat and inspect the area for termites or other pests!

Beware of using spray-applied foam in areas where termites are prevalent: foam does not allow for inspecting or treatment of infested wood. Until just recently, it was believed that fumigation would be sufficient for killing termites where foam was present. Fumigant manufacturers have now stated they cannot ensure complete penetration and elimination of termites present behind foam. Furthermore, the manufacturers have also stated they cannot guarantee complete aeration of fumigants in homes where foam is present, potentially trapping the dangerous gases in the structure.

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