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In 2006 in order to protect public health according to LAW NO. 02 / L-78 which considers Pest Control Services with high priority, we decided to open a local company being supplied with equipment and chemical preparations from several neighboring countries. We got some clients and started providing services, but within ten days we received calls with complaints from clients, even though we tried our best to do a good job by applying quality chemical preparations of world-famous brands!

This situation pushed us to constantly look for different literature or online training to learn more about this service because in our country there is no scientific literature or methodology for the control of insects, rodents, birds, etc. without this knowledge can not do. we offered solutions to the problem. During various searches and contacts at the time, we saw Truly Nolen’s official website and from the beginning we liked the car with the mouse look, their logo and many years of experience. So it was 2008 where after many negotiations and requests from the parent company we got the exclusivity for Kosovo. We knew that Truly Nolen would stand out in our country and give us the image we could not have in our current vehicles and we immediately bought a car. The reaction was phenomenal. Citizens were constantly approaching us to take pictures wherever we went. It caught everyone’s attention. Many new clients told us they liked to see our ‘cars’ all over town.

Mouse car and quality services are an integral part of our growth and we are very pleased to have made the decision to be part of the Truly Nolen family.

  1. Year 2011: Expulsion and prevention of crows in a large part of the city of Gjakova. Click to Read the article:
  2. Year 2012: Solving the problem of a long period with cockroaches in all 37 clinics of University Clinical Center of Kosovo. Until this year, patients bought dangerous chemicals and disinfected themselves, trying to get rid of these insects, which multiply rapidly and in large numbers, are annoying and carriers of many diseases.
  3. Year 2013-2016: Elimination of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever transmission ticks in 12 out of 44 villages of the Municipality of Malisheva. We achieved this success in the first place thanks to the great dedication in this matter, the use of the most sophisticated equipment, shot chemicals as well as the commitment of more than 55 technicians who were carefully trained and the presentation of an educational video which was appears in all ambulances and in schools of Malisheva. Cases of bites decreased from 2578 to 1133 while the number of deaths from hemorrhagic fever was reduced from 18 cases to 0 cases. For more information click to see the chart:
  4. Year 2018-present: Through spatial disinfestation, we managed to control the epidemiological situation from the spread of West Nile disease carried by mosquitoes. For more information click to see the chart:
  5. Year 2020-Present: In February, after the announcement of the pandemic situation by the World Health Organization, voluntarily for a period of 2 months, every day we disinfected the clinic of infectious diseases where the infected with Covid-19 were treated in order to maintain health. of our doctors and nurses. Then on April 14, 2020, as a donation, we built and delivered a professional disinfectant tunnel near this climate with accurate parameters of size, spraying and application of adequate disinfectant. The aim was to thoroughly disinfect all bodily health personnel and visitors who visited their infected relatives who were hospitalized in the infectious diseases clinic. This tunnel is the only one that is still maintained and filled every 3-5 days with 500 liters of free disinfectant solution and I will stay there until the end of the pandemic. Click to view photos:

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