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At Truly Nolen, our commercial technicians understand the unique and complex challenges of educational facilities. Whether you’re a College, University or a K12 School District, our organization can assist you in the areas of sanitation, pest mitigation and infection control. Our Integrated Pest Management programs work synergistically with your Dietary, Custodial and Engineering staff all while caring for the needs of your student populations.

As various species of pests pose a variety of health challenges, including the spread of bacteria and viruses, the prevention of contamination and pest-borne infections is crucial. Our services begin with a comprehensive inspection process to identify activity, potential harborage points and conducive- conditions that can lead to pest mitigation issues.

Next, we implement effective treatment options. The pests that present the highest health risks in all educational facilities, regardless of size are cockroaches, rodents, ants, flies and bed bugs. Each will be addressed with a state-of-the-art protocol that will enable your technician to aggressively provide the best treatment options to resolve the concern. It is an investment in the health and welfare of students and faculty alike.

What We Offer:

  • Annual business reviews – Our experts will audit your facilities to ensure your program is as effective and compliant.
  • We provide value added inspections of your deliverables; to ensure that they are not contaminated or infested products.  
  • Complimentary Sanitation training is part of good communication and collaboration with your engineering staff.
  • By leveraging integrated pest management instead of extensive pesticide applications, schools can reduce pest populations and limit the use of pesticide contamination in the environment. Making schools cleaner, healthier and safer for children and school personnel.

We want to partner with you not only to address existing pests but also to prevent future pest outbreaks from occurring. Proactive pest management is the key to a successful pest management program. Upon completion of the service, the service professional will communicate our findings and treatment to the designated point of contact. Your electronic-logbook information will be updated and any recommendations for improvement will be noted during the scheduled visit.

Your students trust the time and care that your higher-learning facility provides. Trust the experts at Truly Nolen, to provide that same quality of service to you. Contact us today, for additional details regarding our Education programs.

No two students are alike and neither should be your pest control provider. Your Truly Nolen technician will customize a program that’s right for you. The photos below are examples of our IPM plan that address structural, sanitation and student areas.

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