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The exterior inspection focuses on:

  • Structural cracks & crevices that can hold moisture/organic debris or allow pest entry into the structure
  • The condition of the dumpster and/or its proximity to the structure
  • Conditions conducive to fly breeding, such as the presence of garbage, animal feces and/or organic build-up
  • Outdoor cooking and/or dining activities
  • Loading docks/receiving areas
  • Mechanical fly exclusion, such as condition of door seals, condition of windows & screens, and/or the presence of/need for air curtains
  • Grease trap condition, roof top grease and/or debris accumulation
  • Adjacent businesses (such as a landfill) and how they might contribute to this site’s fly population
  • Overall exterior sanitation

The interior inspection focuses on:

  • Organic debris that can be found in floor level cracks & crevices, such as baseboards and grout joints, under cook lines, in/around legs, feet and wheels of prep tables, sink tables and similar units, the grease trap, and in storage areas
  • Moisture sources, such as sinks, ice machines, utility closets, water heater closets and floor drains, as well as above-ground pipes and/or hoses that empty into floor drains

The pest professional makes thorough notes of all findings, take photos as appropriate, and always invites the customer to participate in the inspection process. He then develops a graph and site plan, and takes relevant photos to document his findings.

Preventative Measures

  • Crack & Crevice The tech does an intensive treatment with Nibor D using a Getz duster or power puff unit. He focuses on organic debris in floor level cracks & crevices and moisture areas, such as restrooms, break rooms, utility closets & floor sinks, and cracks/crevices around windows & doors.
  • Bait the technician treats interior window sills with Maxforce Fly Spot Bait using a QT-1 applicator. This product lures flies for a fast knockdown.
  • Drain Treatment
    • For a minor drain fly infestation, the tech applies Boracide with a Getz duster to the interior walls of each floor drain.
    • For a significant drain fly issue and/or if moisture and/or organic debris are present, he treats with diluted Biogel (as per label) or Microbemax Drain Foam.
    • With a severe infestation and to facilitate a more expedient solution, the pest professional can recommend that Truly Nolen do a manual drain clean-out to remove existing organic debris before treating.
  • Fly Light Installation The tech installs a fly light(s) in the kitchen and in the dining room. It is placed away from competing light sources (not next to doors & windows) at a height of 6-8 feet. He will recommend to the customer that interior house lights be left off after business hours so the insects are drawn to and trapped in the fly lights.
  • UPGRADE – Programmable Timed Misting System This timed mist dispensing unit contains the Clean Air Purge III product and should be installed in areas with the highest infestation. The unit operates during non-business hours to knock down the interior adult fly population. The tech needs to program the unit.
  • UPGRADE – Programmable Drain Treatment System This programmable drain treatment unit contains Microbemax drain cleaner and places material into the drain at pre-programmed times to eliminate FOG (fat, oil & grease) and, therefore, fly larvae and breeding sites. The tech needs to program the unit.
  • Dumpster Treatment To affect fly resting sites, the technician applies Cykick with a B&G to the interior & exterior of the dumpster unit and the dumpster enclosure.
  • Resting Site Treatment The tech applies Cykick with a B&G to the walls adjacent to doors & windows, the area where rubber mats from kitchen are washed & dried, by grease traps, etc. to treat fly resting sites.
  • Bait The tech affixes a FBS-1 fly bait station to a surface near the dumpster where flies congregate (never near a door , receiving area, or customer area). He places MaxForce Granular Fly Bait in the bait station as per label. This product draws flies in, where they consume the bait and die.
  • Power Treat Using a truck mounted unit or back pack, the tech applies Cykick to resting sites on the structure, trash 10 receptacles, fences and/or walls, grounds, and foliage where flies land.
  • Exclusion Now, he caulks small cracks, crevices and insect entry points into the structure with DAP white aerosol or clear caulk. Up to three linear feet are included in the program.

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