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The presence of rodents in man’s environment was first documented in the 7th century. Those most likely to affect your commercial environment are:

The Norway Rat

Also known as the brown rat or sewer rat, this stocky rodent burrows along building foundations, under rubbish & wood piles, and in landscaped areas. The Norway rat generally remains on the ground floor when he penetrates a structure.

  • 11 oz. average adult weight
  • Up to 16″ long, including a 7 1/2″ tail; tail is shorter than body length
  • Heavy torso
  • Blunt snout, with small ears and eyes
  • Brown color, with black shaggy fur

The Roof Rat

Also known as the black rat, this rodent is smaller than the Norway variety. This rodent is a climber, so it can access a structure via open vents & pipes on the roof. It is most commonly found climbing vegetation, in a crawl space or a false ceiling, or on a shelving unit.

  • 7 oz. average adult weight
  • Up to 15″ long, including an 8 1/2″ tail; tail is longer than body length
  • Pointed snout, with large ears and eyes
  • Gray to black colored, with smooth fur

The Mouse

This rodent is much smaller than a rat, yet a young rat might be confused with an adult mouse. Keep in mind that a mouse’s feet and head are disproportionately larger than its body.

  • Average adult weight is 30-90 gram
  • Up to 8″ long, including a 3-4″ tail
  • Small, triangular, pointed muzzle
  • Large ears relative to head size

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