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At certain times of the year, a part of the bee colony breaks away to form a swarm and flies off in search of the ideal spot to create a new hive. While most actions taken to address bees are reactive, that is when a swarm or hive is already present, there are now preventative actions available to discourage bee infestations and the cost associated with bee eradication and hive removal. Truly Nolen has two preventative options available.

Before either preventative measure is installed, the pest professional makes a thorough inspection of the property to ensure that no hive or swarm is present on the site. The INSPECTION process begins with a customer interview, followed by a thorough visual inspection for pest IDENTIFICATION and DETERMINATION of a course of action.

Scout Trap Placement & Monitoring Program

Intended for smaller commercial properties, this non-toxic pheromone based trap attracts and traps scout bees so that they cannot mark the site and return to the swarm to lead it to this location. Use one trap per 2,000 square feet of structure.

Note: This system is designed as a preventative tool. It will not prevent a swarm from resting at your location, however it does deter the scout bee from reporting your site as an acceptable hive location, so the swarm should continue to move once it has rested.

Assembly: Fold the black outer cover into a tent shape. Place the tie through the holes to secure cover and create a loop so unit can be hung up. Fold the glueboard (sticky side in) and slide it inside the black cover. Now, place the closed pheromone tube into the hole provided at the top of unit so it protrudes inside the sticky board unit.

Placement: With the tie, place the unit on or near the structure at a height of seven to ten feet above ground level. Each unit will provide sufficient cover for a structure up to 2,000 square feet.

Routine Monitoring: Unit is monitored quarterly, at which time the glueboard and pheromone tube are replaced.

Guarantee: If a bee hive appears on a property that has a scout trap, it is covered under the quarterly service plan at no additional cost. A twelve month agreement is required, with a discount available when purchased with existing or new reoccurring commercial pest control agreement.

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